2017 Rose Pitonof Swim Results

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The 2017 Rose Pitonof Swim took place on Saturday, August 19, 7:36 AM start time.

Place Name Sex Time
1 Bennies 1 4:18:52
    Andrew Smith (16) M
    Clayton Le Roux (17) M
    Bradley Petersen (15) M
    Kevin Yao (15) M
    Trent Graham (15) M
    Wian De Groot (17) M
2 Bennies 2 4:24:32
    Tyron Grabe (15) M
    Matthew Taylor (14) M
    Connor Johnston (15) M
    Stefanos Marketsalis (14) M
    Enrico Gluricich (15) M
    Keagan Wood (16) M
3 Abigail Fairman F 4:42:00
4 Austin Frazer M 4:44:00
5 Andrew Trout M 4:59:00
6 Jaimie Monahan F 5:02:00
7 Marty Munson F 5:24:09
Randy Hill M DNF


What a glorious day on the water!

So thrilled to welcome the relay swimmers from St. Benedict’s High School, South Africa.  (Young Gentlemen, each and every one!)  They quickly made themselves comfortable in the NYC waterways, and zoomed to Steeplechase Pier in record times.

(The age range for Bennies 1 and 2 is 14-17.  Love it that people Rose’s age and younger are embracing open water swimming!  Looking forward to many future relay teams, with a deep bow to “Lady Rose’s Riverters” for leading the way!)

Abigail Fairman led the individual swimmers with a time of 4:42 (matching Liz Fry: 4:43, 2015), coming closest to the record of 4:34 held by Simona Dwass and Shane Moraghan of all swimmers to date.

Austin Frazer joined us again this year, and shaved 9 minutes from his previous time.

Andrew Trout, from the Bay Area (go SERC!) finished in under 5 hours, and is ready for more open water adventures in his new home on the east coast.

Jaimie Monahan, six time Rose Swimmer and overall Rockstar, kept it steady near her course best with a 5 hours and 2 minutes finish.

Marty Munson finished in under 5:30, and learned a lot about herself as an athlete.

It is said that Rose subsisted on a sandwich and some coffee for her 8hr Swim.  Today it’s a nutrition strategy of half hour feedings for a 5hr Swim.

(I am still impressed by how different, yet the same, today’s Swim is to Rose’s experience…)