2019 Rose Pitonof Swim Results

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The 2019 Rose Pitonof Swim took place on Saturday, August 10, 6:14 AM start time.

Place Name Sex Time
1 Bennies 1 4:09:59
    Byron Buckely M
    Joshua Gillespie M
    Matthew Lunide M
    Declan Murphy M
    Byron Smit M
    Connor Petersen M
2 Bennies 2 4:22:42
    Joshua Hinckley M
    Andrew Ritson M
    Jadyn Cubitt M
    Brayden Grobler M
    Michael Chettoa M
    Ethan Jewkes M
3 Jaimie Monahan F 5:08:58
4 Molly Nance F 5:11:17
5 Jane Mason F 6:11:00
6 Rainie Pierce F 6:13:14


From setting a new course record, to another birthday win, to first times under the Verrazano (with a back stroke and a holler), it was a fabulous day on the water.

As a special surprise, we had the honor of seeing and holding one of Rose’s actual swimming trophies.  (Thank you, Jaimie!)  Such a great way to get in touch with the past, and be reminded of the spirit and power of the young girl that inspired this event.